Terms of Use

Member conduct

Fraud will be considered any activity conducted by any existing client of Redense services if the Terms of Service will be breached or if any of the Redense representatives will consider so taken in consideration different suspicions for fraudulent activities (e.g. connections with accounts suspended in the past for similar activities).
By using Redense services you agree that the methods used by Redense representatives to determine if a client has breached the Terms of Use or is suspicious for fraudulent activities will not be disclosed to you.
Any flaws in Redense services, presentation website, user dashboard or any other section owned by Redense will be provided to Redense representatives directly. Use of any of these flaws will lead to account suspension.
You acknowledge, consent and agree that Redense may disclose your account information and content if required to do so by law or in a good faith belief that such access preservation or disclosure is reasonably necessary to: (1) comply with legal process; (2) enforce the TOS; (3) respond to claims that any Content violates the rights of third parties; (4) respond to your requests for customer service; or (5) protect the rights, property or personal safety of Yahoo, its users and the public.

Financial fraud

By registering to Redense services, we have the right to request additional information about your transactions if under the suspicion the transaction was not authorized or made by the owner of the account.
We reserve the right to terminate or suspend any account that has used stolen, hacked or unauthorized payment accounts for Redense services without any prior notice.
For transactions from Redense to client, if under the suspicion the account security was breached, a Redense representative will request confirmation from account owner. Failure to reply to the confirmation e-mail will result in delay or cancelation of the transaction, as well as cancelation of the Redense account password.

Advertiser fraud

We will check each promotion before approval and while running for each of our advertisers to block and avoid any possible fraudulent activity.
The user of software or tools that will manipulate the device used by the visitor or the website where the advertisement is displayed for any purpose other than the described Redense service will result in the termination of the account without the right to a refund.
Advertisers will receive the popunder purchased through a link of their choice. In case the link or any middle link between Redense and the offer is marked by 3rd party services designed to detect and block malware, phishing or other type of online fraud, we reserve the right to suspend your account or apply monetary penalties, taking in consideration the severity and frequency of such promotions.
We also reserve the right to suspend your account or apply monetary penalties if any of the below offers are promoted through Redense services, depending on the severity and
Included in the list of not allowed content to be promoted is:

  • APK/EXE automatic download without a delay of at least 10 seconds and a proper landing page;

  • Malware/phishing campaigns;

  • Technical support, fake support or related;

  • Fake, aggressive or misleading ads (fake flash player, fake antivirus, etc.);

  • Sneaky redirects and cloaking;
  • Landing pages without content or not working;

  • Violent, hate (based on race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation or gender identity);

  • Incest, necrophilia, pedophilia, zoophilia, bestiality and more;

  • Any offer that has content forbidden in the country promoted by law.

  • Publisher fraud

    We will perform random analysis over publishers’ accounts to verify the quality of the ads provided to Redense. Based on the results of each analysis the Redense representative performing the analysis and if the results are showing abnormal behavior or the results will have a very low-quality score he will decide if to retain partial amount of the earnings or to suspend the account. Additional analysis of the publishers’ accounts will be performed if suspicion of fraudulent activity or the reports received from active advertisers will point to abnormal behavior and the Redense representative will decide if and what action is to be taken.
    A Redense publisher will have the Redense account suspended if we receive notification and proof from 3rd party about the use with the purpose of monetization of a website that is not owned or managed by the Redense publisher.

    General information

    The Terms of Service constitutes the entire agreement between you and Redense and governs your use of the Redense services, superseding any prior version of this Terms of Service between you and Redense with respect to the Redense services.

    Acceptance of terms

    Redense provides advertising services, defined below, to you subject to the following Terms of Service. By accessing and using Redense services you accept and agree to be bound by terms and provisions of the Terms of Service.